Whether you are a new neighbor from across the street, a tourist enjoying the nation’s capital, or someone from half a world away, you are invited to worship with us on Sunday mornings! This page is designed to answer some questions you might have about worshipping with us for the first time.  It does not matter where you are in your spiritual journey or stage of life: all are welcome.

When is the worship service, and what is it like?
We have one worship service on Sunday mornings at 11am. Our services run an hour or so in length and are traditional but relaxed. We primarily sing hymns (rather than contemporary band music) and follow a pattern of worship each week. On arrival, you will be greeted and handed our bulletin for that service that will help you follow along with the order, page numbers, and biblical references.  Our pastor and/or liturgist (worship helper) help ensure everyone is on the same page– literally.

Where do I park?
Outside.  We have parking in front and alongside the church and ask that you enter through the main double doors in the front of the church.  The sanctuary is immediately in front of you.  There are several handicap parking spaces directly in front of the main entrance, and the sanctuary and main areas of the church are handicap accessible.

When should I arrive?
You are welcome to arrive a few minutes early to meet some of our friendly folks and get acclimated, but arriving by 11am is great.  We won’t kick you out for coming a few minutes late either.

What should I wear?
Whatever you want. God cares about what is in your heart, not what is in your closet. At our worship services, some people wear suits and dresses, and some wear jeans and flip flops. We have a range, and we like it that way.

What is the childcare situation?
We believe children bring vital life, energy, and joy to our worship and enjoy having children in the congregation.  During worship, we have several child friendly options and invite parents to choose what works best for them.  We offer a safe and fun nursery for children under five years that is staffed during worship (and other events as needed).  Children are also welcome to stay with the adults in the service: rocking chairs and a table in the back of the sanctuary allow little ones to color, fill out children’s bulletins, and engage in special music and activities.  We have a great playground out back where children can play with supervision as weather permits during or after worship.

What can I expect from the messages?
Each week, we read at least one passage from the Old and New Testaments to ground the message in scripture.  The sermon imparts lessons, stories, biblical analysis, and things to consider.  They are  designed to help you in your personal quest to know God and explore ways to apply godly concepts in your daily life.

Am I welcome at Bruen Chapel if I’m not a Christian or just want to explore before committing?
Yes, come check us out. We hope that when you do you will see at least a dim reflection of the kind of love that Christ showed the world and that binds our congregation together as individuals striving to share God’s love and concern in an open, compassionate, and honest way. In seeking to live our faith actively, we do not shy away from questions or doubts or tough issues, and we won’t expect you to either.

Is the church disabled-friendly?  
Absolutely.  We have several handicap parking spaces in front of our church that lead directly into the main part of the church without the need to climb stairs or ramps, and we have a handicap-accessible restroom near the sanctuary.  We also provide hearing assistance devices for those who need them during the service — just ask a greeter on your way in.