We realize that when choosing a church in Northern Virginia, you have many options.  Here’s what we think makes Bruen Chapel special:

1. We’re a small community church in a large metropolitan area.

If you’re looking for a megachurch, keep looking.  If, however, you are looking for a church where you can get to know the other members in a welcoming environment and where you can get involved right away, we are the church for you.  We don’t have to divide our members into small groups to get to know each other — we are the small group.  The sense of community that you get when you attend Bruen Chapel is difficult to find in a metropolitan area like Northern Virginia.

2. We’re proud to represent the diversity of Fairfax County.

On any given Sunday morning, our congregation is as diverse as the community that surrounds us.  We regularly have immigrants from the Caribbean, India, East Asia, and Africa attend our services, and our English as a Second Language ministry serves people from literally all corners of the globe.  Our congregation includes all ages.  We think that the love of God crosses all ethnic, cultural, and generational barriers, and our congregation reflects that thinking.

3. We like tradition, but we’re not bound by it.

Our church has had a presence in the Vienna/Fairfax area since 1896, and Methodism has its roots in the 1700’s.  While we still use some of the same traditional hymns and prayers that the people of our faith have used for hundreds of years, we still like to sing songs written in our lifetime.  And while we base our faith on a book written millenia ago, we attempt to apply the principles of our faith to our contemporary daily life.