At Bruen Chapel, we seek to serve God and make the world and our community better by meeting physical and spiritual needs.  Missions is an active and tangible way of expressing our faith by giving our time, talents, and donations.

Each quarter, we highlight a group or issue for missions and volunteering.  Our focuses are:

Students and Youth (August-October)

Senior Citizens (November-January)

Immigrants, Refugees, and New Neighbors (February-April)

Hunger (May-July)

In addition to our quarterly mission emphases, Bruen Chapel actively supports the United Methodist Church’s broader missions through the local conference, the state, and globally.  We support the essential work of the United Methodist Council on Relief (UMCOR), our denomination’s organization to alleviate human suffering in over 80 countries.  Whether you are looking to volunteer or find community support, this COMMUNITY RESOURCES – pdf is a good place to start.

While the challenges we seek to tackle are daunting, we are not alone and believe that even small things can make a big difference.  With that in mind, Bruen Chapel collects a number of small items that help to support various charities and groups in need.  Your cancelled postage stamps can benefit veterans’ hospitals.  Your used prescription glasses and sunglasses can help the Lions Club to give the gift of sight to people in the developing world. And those aluminum tabs on your soda cans?  Those help the Ronald McDonald House to make a family’s stay near their hospitalized child a little more like home.  We contribute our tabs to the Ronald McDonald House near Inova Fairfax Hospital, which makes about $4,000 a month from recycling donated tabs.  The collection points for stamps, glasses, and tabs are in the hallway near the church office.

We have a Missions Committee to help direct and coordinate mission activities.  We meet to brainstorm ideas and do short and longer range planning.  Committee meetings are open to anyone who is interested; check the calendar for our next meeting.