Have you missed seeing other members of our congregation as much as we have?!

Starting this Sunday (August 2nd), we will have the chance to worship together and see one another during virtual worship via Zoom. Zoom is an easy to use online platform that will allow you to watch the service on any device and see those of us who share our video.  We would love to see those smiling faces!

^^ Just click the link above at 11 to be admitted to our worship. ^^

You will have the option to share your video when you join and will be able to share audio to say hello at a certain point in the service. Using Zoom will help connect us and make worship more interactive. We are excited and hope you are too!

A couple more things:

  • We plan to continue the Facebook Live option as well at this time.
  • Bear with us as we work out any kinks.
  • Help is just an email away (bruenchapel@gmail.com)!