Thanks to everyone who participated in today’s Charge Conference and discussion with Arlington District Superintendent Cathy Abbott.  This year, we took our conversation outside to enjoy the perfect fall day!

  • We talked about our congregation’s “circles of influence” and how we can bear witness to Christ’s love to people we already know from our school, our neighborhood, our volunteer activities, our personal Facebook page, or our workplace.  (Interested in how to approach faith and discipleship at work?  See this month’s Interpreter.)
  • We discussed discipleship or actively following in the footsteps of Jesus.  Disciples are called to be active seekers who learn more each day as they draw closer to God, so we talked about how our congregation can promote life-long learning, self-feeding, and spiritual growth.  We will be figuring out how to do meet people where they are and create a meaningful discipleship plan for our congregation.  Get excited!
  • Lastly, we started a conversation around what experiments we have tried (and want to try in the future) to make more disciples.  The adaptive challenges question was thought-provoking, and we look forward to learning new things and finding fresh ways to engage people from all walks of life.