We are pretty excited to get cracking on the Bruen Chapel Discipleship Plan and are developing our plan for the plan.  Think of it as the pre-game.

We will be using Phil Maynard’s Membership to Discipleship book as a resource (see Ruth if you’d like a copy; a CliffsNotes version/short synopsis will be coming soon).  Maynard defines a disciple as a follower of Jesus who is committed to:

  • being a part of the body of Christ
  • becoming more like Jesus
  • joining Jesus in ministry

Bruen Chapel’s Discipleship Plan will lay out how our church can support YOU as a disciple.  To make a plan that truly helps you grow in your own discipleship, we need your input!  In the coming weeks, you will be asked about your individual  discipleship and how Bruen Chapel can help you wherever you may be on your journey.  More details coming soon, but, in the meantime, please start thinking about and maybe even jotting down a few ideas on where you see yourself in Maynard’s definition.