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Zooming into August

by Jill

Have you missed seeing other members of our congregation as much as we have?! Zoom with us.

6/14 Worship

by Jill

Check out the video from worship and other resources to bless the week ahead.

Readings for Trinity Sunday

by Jill

Our lectionary readings explore the holy mystery of God in three persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Catch the Spirit: Readings for Pentecost

by Daniel

As we read the Bible verses of the week, let us renew our hope in God and rejoice that he has poured out his spirit that everyone who calls upon the Lord shall be saved.

It’s Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month!

by Jill

As May draws to a close, we honor our brothers and sisters from all across the Asia-Pacific region. We are thankful for all the journeys that have brought us together in faith, love, and community.