Earth Day was Monday the 22nd, but this special day has gotten less attention than usual thanks to Easter being so late this year. But taking care of the earth is important and Biblical.

Over the course of Lent, a small group of us studied and discussed Psalms after church. In one of our sessions together, we were struck by one passage urging us to be good stewards of God’s creation, and we had a brief discussion of how we at Bruen Chapel could do that in a more tangible way. We looked down at the styrofoam coffee cups we were sipping from and decided that using reusable mugs, dishes, and silverware would be a good place to start. So we are whittling down our strategic stockpile of paper plates and cups and moving toward becoming an environmentally friendly church.

If you would like to help with this effort, please bring in a mug or two that you are not using at home for Cafe. This coming Wednesday’s mission dinner will have all non-throwaway cups!

Got any green ideas? Let us know in person or on our Facebook page! Thanks for your cooperation on helping our congregation become better stewards of our resources as God intended. 🌏 🍃 ♻️ Want to read more? Check out this Washington Post op-ed.